Castle offers a wide selection of window choices to meet your needs and budget. All of our vinyl windows and doors offer many advantages against the elements.

Energy Efficient

  • Windows & Doors are the single biggest source of home energy loss .
  • Up to 50% of all heat loss is through convection, air infiltration, conduction & radiation.
  • Vinyl frame and insulated glass reduce conducted heating and cooling loss.
  • Superior weatherstripping and precision design reduce drafts.
  • Warmer frame & glass surface temperatures reduce condensation in cold climates.
  • High performance insulated glass reduces radiant heat loss in cold climates & heat gain in warm climates.

Sound Absorbing

Our windows can reduce noise up to 40dlp.

Freedom from Maintenance

Our Vinyl Products Eliminate:

  • Painting
  • Difficult cleaning
  • Hard-to-open sashes
  • Cracked putty
  • Worn or missing weatherstripping
  • Rotted frames

Custom Made

Our windows fit the opening perfectly

Professionally Installed

They do not come in stock sizes where the opening is made to fit the window and can add costly carpentry.

Styles & Shapes

Our full-house selection includes: Single and Double Hung, Slider, Bay/Bow, Awnings, Casement, and Specialty Shapes.